What is Chikko Not Coffee Chicory? img

Chicory coffee is a drink made from roasted
chicory roots, which are ground and brewed like coffee beans. It often becomes used as a substitute for coffee or mixed with coffee.

How does chicory coffee taste? img

Chicorei coffee has a slightly bitter and earthy taste with a nutty aftertaste. It has a unique and rich flavor that differs from coffee.

Is chicory coffee decaffeinated? img

Yes, chicory coffee is decaffeinated.

What is Chikko Not Coffee Spelt? img

the spelt variant is a drink made from roasted
spelt, which are ground and brewed like coffee beans. Spelt is an old grain used as an alternative to coffee.

How does the spelled variant taste? img

The spelt variant has a mild, nutty taste with a slightly sweet and floral scent. It is smoother and less bitter compared to traditional coffee.

Is Chikko Not Coffee Spelled Caffeine Free? img

Yes, spelt coffee is naturally caffeine free. Please note, the spelt variant does contain gluten.

What is Golden Milk? img

Golden Milk is a traditional Indian drink. Our Golden milk contains turmeric and others
ingredients such as ginger, cinnamon and black pepper. You mix this spice mix with warm milk.

How does Golden Milk taste? img

Golden Milk has a warm and spicy taste, dominated
by the turmeric, with hints of sweetness and nuttiness from the other ingredients and the milk.

Can Golden Milk be made with milk or only vegetable milk? img

Golden Milk can be made with milk as well as vegetable milk, such as almond or coconut milk
made. The choice depends on personal preference and your diet.